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Revolutionize Your Startup: Secrets to Building a Thriving Remote Team & Strong Employee Communities

As the conversation around remote work continues to evolve, it's becoming increasingly clear that managers play a vital role in shaping the success or failure of their teams. Some managers may need help to adapt to a remote-first mindset in a job market where visibility is equated with productivity.

But with the right approach, fostering a culture of empowerment and fulfillment that positively impacts employee engagement and mental and digital health is possible.

One key aspect of this is taking a community-building approach, where the intended company culture is lived and reinforced at all levels of the organization. This means seeking out employees who will be a "culture add" rather than a "culture fit" and onboarding and training managers with the skills to foster close team bonds and support mental and digital health.

According to Robin Dunbar's findings, head of the Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, there is a limit to the number of individuals with whom we can maintain stable social connections. By recognizing this limit, organizations can create opportunities for effective teamwork and collaboration, empowering employees and improving their digital work experience. This approach will naturally lead to an increase in work quality and productivity.

If you're a CEO, COO, or Head of People in a startup looking to build strong employee communities, I'd love to talk with you and share more about the building blocks that can help you succeed.


Schedule now and get a 30-minute complimentary strategy call.

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