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Empowering Every Mind: Inclusive and Effective Digital Brainstorming

They say brainstorming doesn't work on Zoom, and I fully agree. My best ideas have always come when I'm alone in the shower or jogging!

How about you?

The pun aside, co-creating and inventing as a group shouldn't be an experience confined to offices or Zoom rooms.

I know there are some case studies that say how glorious the office is, but that's because they've not gotten their hands on my formula or yours.

Not to mention that they have completely ignored the needs of introverts and neurodivergent employees.

I find it quite shocking that digital brainstorming is considered ineffective. Not my experience after 16 years of digital work.

In reality, any global organization with multiple offices worldwide has been involved in digital brainstorming and never complained about creativity until the office vs. remote debate began.

We should always remain open to learning and improvement. Adopting black-and-white views limits our creativity and ability to explore new possibilities.

Sometimes, our best ideas come to us when our minds rest, and there are times when they come to us when a strict deadline pressures us.

If we apply a smart brainstorming formula, regardless of location, we can take people's brainstorming to a whole new level.

Brainstorming formula:

➡️ Create an asynchronous environment with a brainstorming goal and discussion area. Set a deadline!

➡️ Encourage solo activity, allowing each person to find their brainstorming power zone.

➡️ Invite everyone to share their thoughts asynchronously.

➡️ Get AI to create a summary and ensure each contributor is credited.

➡️ Bring everyone into a roundtable discussion, similar to a real-life environment. Why not try a Metaverse experience instead of Zoom? Emphasize the need for a final decision by the end of the meeting.

➡️ Update the asynchronous environment with a detailed overview of what had been achieved at the meeting and encourage people to take a few days to reflect.

➡️ Next, bring everyone to a Miro or Mural board, showcase their final joined vision, and initiate a voting process.

🔄 Collect feedback on the brainstorming experience and find your own way!


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