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eTeams clearly showed us what we needed to work on and improve in our startup. We were also able to unceremoniously pinpoint what needs to be discarded or changed in our internal processes and operations. They were able to quickly assess our situation by gathering valuable and accurate feedback from all team members alike and were thus able to recommend appropriate solutions. Working together was uncomplicated, straight to the point, and effective ~ Scrypt Swiss 

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A holistic assessment of current Remote/Hybrid best practices

General feedback on the methodologies and processes used

Deep dive into leadership's future goals and existing challenges

Big picture overview of current company culture & hybrid/remote employees' performance

Action steps to implement + possibility to receive hands-on support


Trust building

Fostering close team bonds

Proactive network and relationship-building

Customized performance management

Increased agility and flexibility

Establish employee experience strategies

Employees feel valued and heard

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